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FAQ - Booms

What are the Rules regarding the Booms?

  4.0 SPARS (2001) - The material used for the mast and booms is not controlled. Replacement spar dimensions are stated below:
a) The cross-section of any spar shall not exceed 3/8 inches.
b) Jib club length is not controlled. When the boat is rigged for racing, no portion of the jib boom, or attachments thereto, shall project forward of the bow of the boat while the jib boom is held on the boat's center line.
c) Main boom length, including the gooseneck fitting and any attachments, is not controlled in length.
d) Mast height, when measured from deck to the top of the cap portion of the mast crane, shall not exceed 43 inches.

5.1 Mast Rigging - A permanent backstay is required. Any of a jib-stay, forestay, jib boom counter-weight, and topping lift may be added. In no instance may the jib club (and counterweight) protrude beyond the bow of the boat, when the jib, club is held on the top centerline of the deck. The use of separate control lines for the jib and main is permissible.

5.2.1 Mast Fittings - The use of different or replacement mast fittings is not controlled.

Can the boom vang be solid?

Yes. Click on the thumbnail to see this example.
WRC02 GN 05.jpg (319871 bytes)

Can the area enclosed by the Main Boom, Mast and Vang be solid/filled in? No.  The area created would in effect become an extension of the sail area, and the 3/8" max cross section, would be exceeded at some point,
Would this configuration be legal?

NO NO NO  at some point on the "Boom" the 3/8 max cross section would be violated.  (Nice try Ptar)
Ptar Boom.jpg (73634 bytes)

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