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FAQ - Deck 

What are the Rules regarding the Deck ?
Is a Drain plug allowed ?
Can the access be modified ?
Can I cover the cockpit area ?

What are the Rules regarding the Deck ?

1.0 Concept - The definitions, dimensions, and restrictions listed are intended to maintain the one-design concept for this class. The rules are intended to ensure that all boats are kept as close as possible with regard to hull, deck, keel, rudder, displacement, and ballast, while allowing minor variations in sails. In these rules the word "shall" means mandatory while the word "may" is permissive.

2.2 Deck and Hatch (2001) - The deck shall remain as supplied by the kit, but new or different sheet access holes may be added. Hatch cover material and shape are uncontrolled. A small hole is to be allowed on the deck surface for switch control.

2.2.1 Hatch Opening (2001) - The hatch opening shape is uncontrolled, but may not exceed 150 mm in length and 90 mm in width and not exceed the molded groove indicated by the kit.

2.2.2 Drain Plugs (2001) - One Drain hole for the purpose of removing water from the hull is permissible anywhere above the waterline. The hole for the drain plug may not exceed 1/2 inch in diameter.

5.0 Rigging - Standing rigging may use commercially available or home built fittings, fairleads, turnbuckles, screw eyes, bowsies, goosenecks, etc. The type of line or wire used for shrouds, etc. is not controlled. Reinforcements may be added under the deck at the chain-plates, backstay attachment points, sheet exit guides, and jib-stay attachment point.

5.4 Deck Layout (2001) - The layout of the deck may be modified as needed to accommodate alternate control systems. Alternate deck fittings to include the jib pivot, mast step, shroud plates, rudder control linkage or other fittings pertaining to the rig or sail controls are permitted and their location is not controlled. The steering columns and wheels, winches, cleats, hatch slides, and the cockpit cover need not be utilized. The mast shall be stepped on the deck. Through deck charging jack can be used.

Is a Drain plug allowed?

    Yes, the hole can be anywhere on the deck, or on the hull if above the waterline.  There can only be one hole for this purpose.  The hole should be less the 1/2 inch in diameter

Can the access be modified?

    Yes, but after the modification it the opening should not be greater than 150mm x 90 mm.  
The highlighted shows the limits of the modified hatch area.  
The highlighted area is bigger than the maximum hatch size area and is approx 172mm x 108mm

Can I cover the cockpit area?

    Yes, an alternate cover of any material can be used in place of the kit cockpit cover.
No cockpit cover at all is allowed.

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