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FAQ - Keel 

What are the Rules regarding the Keel

    Here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Click on the link to view the area of interest.

Can I sand my Keel ?
How do I Measure the depth ?
How do I use the depth Jig ?
Can I glue in the Keel ?
Can I replace the metal shaft ?
What parts can I replace

2.1 Hull and Keel - The hull and keel shall be as supplied by the Kit. The keel may be permanently attached or removable, but must be attached to the hull as indicated by the assembly instructions. If damaged or broken a replacement keel must be obtained from the manufacturer

3.1 Materials - Ballast shall consist of the lead keel bulb included in the kit. Additional ballast of lead may be added to the interior of the hull if desired. If a replacement bulb is required it must be provided by the manufacturer.

3.2 Keel Depth.  - The keel fin with bulb attached, and the fin secured into its recessed mounting slot in the hull, cannot exceed 7 inches in depth. This measurement is to be taken from the rear of the fin when fitted into the hull, straight down to the bottom of the bulb.

Can I sand my Keel ?

    Yes, but the overall outline shape of the Keel must not be changed.  

How do I Measure the depth ?

    Use a simple Jig made from stiff  cardboard or others suitable material

Can I replace the metal shaft?

    No the metal shaft cannot be replaced.

How do I use the depth Jig ?

    The long slot allows the rear of the fin to recess into the jig.  The top edge is placed on the hull, the rear of the fin at the hull should touch the jig and the bulb should be either resting or showing a small gap.  If the bulb rests on the cutout in the jig and the top edge is not touching the hull you have exceeded the allowed depth.


Can I glue in the Keel?

    Permanent mounting of the keel fin is allowed, but removal of the keel shaft (bolt) is not allowed.

What parts can I replace?

    The Victoria keel which comes as six distinct kit parts, the keel, the keel shaft tube, the keel shaft nut, the lead bulb and the two screws to secure the bulb to the keel.  The red optional parts in this diagram.

What can I do to the ballast bulb?

    Check for answers to your question in the Ballast FAQ's

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