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The Victoria National Championship Priority

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These are criteria to be used in prioritizing skippers for the American Model Yachting Association's Annual Victoria Class National Championship Regatta.

The Class Secretary shall prepare a prioritized list of skippers who fall within Categories A thru G below, and provide it to the Hosting Club no less than four (4) months prior to the date of the National Championships.

These prioritized skippers may reserve a spot for the National Championships if their entries are submitted and accepted according to the NOR.

The prioritized list of skippers shall be published along with the NOR for the National Championships by the Hosting Club.  The prioritized skippers should be given approximately 1 month (to be specified in the NOR) to submit an entry to reserve their spot.

Beginning AFTER the specified date in the NOR for prioritized skipper’s there will be approximately 2 additional months “Open” to submit entries by all other skippers, including those prioritized skippers who failed to meet the first deadline.  The “Open” period will be on a “First Come, First Served” basis. All entries received will be prioritized by the date of postmark.

Standard Requirements for Entering Nationals: 

Each skipper wishing to enter the Victoria Class National Championship Regatta must be a current member of the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) (or qualified as stated in the AMYA By-Laws) and have a registered boat in the Victoria Class Association (VCA) on the opening day of registration for the event.  

Skipper’s entry registration must comply with the Hosting Club’s Victoria National Championship Regatta’s Notice of Race (NOR).   

Prioritized skippers must fall within one of the following Categories “A” through “G”:

A - 3 Entries - Previous Year’s AMYA Nationals Champion Regatta - The top three (3) places of the previous year’s Victoria Class National Championship Regatta. (e.g.  Positions 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers).

B - Previous Year’s Non-AMYA National Champion – As recognized by the VCA in cooperation with that nation’s Victoria Association. (e.g. Canadian National Champion for the previous year).

C - 6 Entries - AMYA Regional Representative – The highest place regional finisher from each of the Victoria Class AMYA Regional Championship Regattas for the previous year. If a regional representative is not available from a regional regatta, then using the most current Victoria Class Ranking System, it will be the highest ranked regional skipper from that region.

D - 1 Entry - Victoria Class Secretary - The Class Secretary who hold's the position at the time of the National Championship Regatta or their designated representative.

E - 1 Entry - Class Provisional Entry- One skipper approved by the CS and designated by the Victoria Class based upon review of Special Circumstances prior to the upcoming National Championship Regatta.

F - 8 Entries - Hosting Clubs Entries - Up to eight (8) skippers of the Hosting Club, assigned by the Hosting Club organizing the upcoming Nationals as they see fit.

G - Ranked Skippers - Using the most current Victoria Class Ranking System, skippers who have not been recognized by category A thru F.


The total number of positions available for the Victoria National Championship Regatta will be determined by the Hosting Club.   A minimum of 25 and a maximum of 48 are suggested.

It is the responsibility of the skipper to get his entry postmarked prior to the deadline in order to allow the Hosting Club planning time.  Skippers will be aware of the entry selection process and it assures a very broad spectrum of skippers from all six (6) of the AMYA’s Regions.  If the Hosting Club needs help, technological assistance can be provided by the VCA.  This system should make the opening day for registrations go much more smoothly.

All prioritized entries submitted must fall within at least one of the Categories A thru G, and be accompanied with the required entry fee as specified by the Hosting Club.  If the skipper later wishes to withdraw the entry for any reason up to 1 month prior to the event, their entry fee should be refunded.  After this date refunds are at the discretion of the Hosting Club as published in the notice of race.

Current Victoria Class Secretary is Brian Roberts
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