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Building the Victoria - Hull

Hull Reinforcing Frame

by Craig Mackey

This frame will provide a stiffer deck and extra support at the mast base. It should be installed directly below the mast step, prior to installing the keel tube.

Make the hull frame from either .064 carbon Sheet or 1/8 aircraft plywood. If you use plywood, paint before installing it. The pattern is a little big and will have to be trimmed for a perfect fit. You want a tight fit but make sure it's not too tight or you will distort the hull. Rough up the hull with 80 grit sandpaper and then epoxy in place. Epoxy a glass bead it the frame to act as a fairlead for the jib sheet. The half round cutouts are clearance for the dimples on the underside of the deck. The notch in the deck fits under the mast step, and the other notch is for the keel trunk. Leave holes at each side of the keel trunk to allow water to drain. Carbon plate is called "0.064 Flex Plate", it can be obtained from Aerospace Composite Products (800) 811-2009

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