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Victoria Skipper Rankings 2011 (Updated 8/14/11)

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 For information on upcoming regattas, please visit the regatta page. To bid for a regional regatta, please contact the Class Secretary , Robert M. Szczepanski, ASAP!


The Victoria Resource Center is designed to provide information on the Thunder Tiger Victoria Racing Yacht. The Victoria is recognized by the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) as a "One-Design" model Yacht class.

This web pocket option trading site contains information for competitive sailors, hobbyists, and those considering joining the sport.

To talk to other Victoria skippers, the forum is an excellent starting place. There is no better place on the web to get tips and advice to improve the performance of your yacht.

When you are ready to hit the water, make sure your Victoria is registered, join a local club, and find the puffs!

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AMYA Region

Boat Count

2011 Regatta's

Region 1 (Northeast)


Region 2 (Mideast)



Region 3 (Southeast)


Northern VA, Raleigh, NC

Region 4 (Central)


Detroit, MI Oct. 1st, 2nd

Region 5 (Southwest)


Slidell, LA May 28, 29th

Region 6 (Northwest)


Seattle, Portland

The AMYA Nationals


Huntsville, AL in September

Total Boats Registered


Current Victoria Class Secretary is Robert M. Szczepanski
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